Elwyn Lewis Reviews



In my time collaborating with Elwyn, he showed a remarkable knowledge of the correct application of Statistical Process Control. His eye for detail enabled us to garner significantly greater information from process data and this facilitated improvements in control and yield. His background as a Chartered Quality Engineer was very evident. Furthermore, he was also humble enough to help out with more mundane tasks when there urgency on the project demanded. This was greatly appreciated.

  • John Boon

    Directeur, dga

    April 17, 2018, John managed Elwyn directly

    Elwyn impresses, with his direct, practical approach to QA he is capable of communication with and earning respect from both management and shop floor. Constantly he surprised me with practical instructions for the machine operators. Thorough analysis towards suppliers and a true professional in discussions with customers. He singlehanded found ways to significantly reduce scrap an optimize production runs. With a clear understanding between motivating and activating.

  • Ian Potter

    Contract Quality Engineer at HP Chemie Pelzer (Retired)

    November 9, 2017, Ian reported directly to Elwyn

    Elwyn was my Manager for some months during 2013.
    I can say with honesty that he was one of the most respected and approachable Managers I have had the good fortune to meet.
    He was certainly the most academically qualified of any having attained all four of the Qualifications in the American Society for Quality and one of only a few to accomplish this.
    Elwyn leads by example and was supportive to me throughout our working relationship.
    Listening was a strength reinforced by tolerance.
    He exudes a professional demeanour, is assertive but not aggressive and appears to command respect with little effort.
    His depth of knowledge on multiple Quality Tools and techniques is admirable.
    We have worked well together to resolve technical issues establishing Root Causes and implementing Containment and Corrective actions.
    Elwyn is a Quality Professional and extremely competent and capable at the highest levels.
    I firmly believe that he would be an asset to any company and would in my opinion be part of the ''intellectual capital ''.
    He is also quite a modest man which is an endearing aspect of his character.

  • Prem Murgiah

    Quality Manager at Howe Leather Pty Ltd

    March 6, 2013, Prem worked with Elwyn in different groups

    An incredibily intellectual individual , we has trained me in various Quality Systems and Techniques, just to name a few
    Quality Management System
    Basic to Advanced Quality Statistical Techniques
    QS900, APQP and PPAP
    Core Tools
    I have been trained and mentored by Elwin approximately 16 Year ago and i am still inspired by his passion for the subject matter and his determination to get businesses to realise the untapped potential that exist within an organization through the use of effective Quality Management System and Techniques.

  • Graeme Winton

    Programme Manager

    November 20, 2012, Elwyn worked with Graeme in the same group

    I worked with Elwyn at BT Cellnet at the start of its transformation into O2 UK and in most need of innovative problem-solving and a structured quality approach. Elwyn is a thought-leader in his field who is an impressive advocate of quality techniques. In my experience he has a unique ability to convey the full life cycle quality approach in a way that inspires middle and senior management and speaks to them in terms of compelling cost-benefits. At a personal level he is an open, supportive professional that I found a real pleasure to work with.

  • David Haynes

    Programme Manager

    June 29, 2011, David worked with Elwyn in different groups

    I can easily recommend Elwyn. I worked with him on a number of initiatives at Pearson. He was diligent, insightful and was easy to work with. He was inspiring to his team and contributed constructively to senior management meetings. He knows his "stuff" and is very willing to share and offer help to anyone. A great guy and would be an asset to any company.

  • Rick Suverkrop

    Director at Active Leadership

    June 25, 2011, Elwyn worked with Rick in the same group

    Elwyn, was seconded on occasions to support an in-house business turn around team (which I headed) with installing/ improving unit company quality systems and processes. Elwyns input was always professional and his ability to turn behaviours around within short lead times was remarkable. I have no difficulty in recomending Elwyn to anyone wanting a pragmatic, professional approach, to using Quality Systems to improve company performance.

  • Prem Murgiah

    Quality Manager at Howe Leather Pty Ltd

    June 22, 2011, Prem was a client of Elwyn’s

    I have known Elwin Lewis for almost 21 year,and my journey of success is linked to his expert ability to groom individuals and companies to perform at a level higher that the natural person or average mind. He has the ability to find value and add value through the demonstration of his knowledge and application of toolsets.
    It is with great regret that we lack the calibre of professionals such as Elwin Lewis in industry, he is truly passionate to unleash potential. He has been a consultant in two companies that i have worked for, and he has been instrumental in setting the framework for the acheivements of our accrediation as well as training on the effective use of statistical tools to aid in problem solving, realizing opportunity cost and promoting the mindset that we are all responsible for Quality.
    In my personal capacity I would recommend Elwin Lewis, for your next challenge.

    Edward Deming" We have learned to live in a world of mistakes and defective products as if they were necessary to life. It is time to adopt a new philosophy in America."

  • Rick Suverkrop

    Director at Active Leadership

    January 27, 2010, Elwyn worked with Rick in the same group

    Elwyn's involvement during his period at T&N was in the main, within the High-tech Heat Exchanger/Radiator division. As a Tier 1 supplier to OEMs both locally, in South Africa, and internationally. Elwyn's responsibility, through the team reporting to him, was to install and maintain systems to satisfy the appropriate audits and accreditations as specified by the range of customers.

    Further Elwyn used his practical experience, in particular with regard to Statistical Techniques, Problem-Solving techniques and Reliability Engineering, to achieve significant improvements, which contributed very clearly to overall company performance.

    During Elwyn's time at T&N, I was responsible for turn-around projects within the T&N group and had the occasion to have Elwyn's input on some of the projects, that I was running in other divisions of the T&N group. I found his approach to be professional at all times. His approach achieved solid buy-in from the management and operators that he was advising, and as such produced effective and robust solutions.