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Become a Certified Quality Professional through the world's largest, most respected, and recognised International Quality Institution - The American Society for Quality.

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Why choose ASQ Certification?


Since 1968, when the first ASQ certification exam was given, more than 100,000 individuals have become certified through ASQ, including many who have attained more than one designation. In addition, an increasing number of companies, approximately 125 at last count, have formally recognised ASQ certification as verification of an individual's knowledge of quality theory and techniques.

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ASQ certification is not a license or registration. It is peer recognition that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency in, and comprehension of, a particular quality area at a specific point in time. ASQ certification is offered to those who meet three sets of criteria. Candidates must show that they have a specified level of education and/or experience, provide proof of professionalism, and pass a standardised exam.

Elwyn Lewis

Principle Consultant and Lecturer/Trainer for Qualiconnect


Elwyn Lewis Reviews

Ian Potter

Contract Quality Engineer at HP Chemie Pelzer (Retired)

November 9, 2017, Ian reported directly to Elwyn

Elwyn was my Manager for some months during 2013.
I can say with honesty that he was one of the most respected and approachable Managers I have had the good fortune to meet.
He was certainly the most academically qualified of any, having attained all four of the Qualifications in the American Society for Quality and one of only a few to accomplish this.
Elwyn leads by example and was supportive to me throughout our working relationship.
Listening was a strength reinforced by tolerance.
He exudes a professional demeanour, is assertive but not aggressive and appears to command respect with little effort.
His depth of knowledge on multiple Quality Tools and techniques is admirable.
We have worked well together to resolve technical issues establishing Root Causes and implementing Containment and Corrective actions.
Elwyn is a Quality Professional and extremely competent and capable at the highest levels.
I firmly believe that he would be an asset to any company and would in my opinion be part of the ''intellectual capital''.
He is also quite a modest man which is an endearing aspect of his character.

Colleen Phythian

Director of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at genedrive plc

May 15, 2018, Colleen managed Elwyn directly

Elwyn has worked for genedrive as a contractor for 3 months.During this time I have found him to be an extremely passionate QA professional with a vast experience of Quality principles.He has the ability to work with colleagues at all levels within the organisation and is willing to share his knowledge with his peers/colleagues.He is a respectful and supportive individual and a collaborative team player.I am extremely happy to recommend him for any future roles in the Quality arena.